Help Rebuild History

On August 28, 2011, when the Williams River rose to historic heights during Tropical Storm Irene, the Bartonsville Covered bridge lost its battle against the raging waters.  The rushing river eroded the banks on the south side of the river damaging the bridge’s abutments when they gave way the bridge gracefully released from the banks and set sail down the river. Unable to make the turn in the river the bridge collapsed in a pile on the shore.

The town of Rockingham is committed to rebuilding the bridge.  We are not yet sure how much of the original structure can be salvaged and reused when the bridge is reconstructed.

Thankfully, the Town of Rockingham had an insurance policy on the bridge, however it will not be enough to rebuild the abutments and the may not cover the complete costs of rebuilding the wooden bridge . The town has set up a fund to help rebuilding efforts. Currently is is able to receive donations via check or paypal at

This website when it is developed will be a hub for information about the bridge’s history and the efforts underway to rebuild our beautiful bridge. We will include links to various fundraising activities and how you can help rebuild the Bartonsville Covered Bridge.

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