On August 28, 2011, when the Williams River rose to historic heights during Tropical Storm Irene, the Bartonsville Covered Bridge, built in 1870, lost its battle against the raging waters.  The rushing river eroded the banks on the south side of the river damaging the bridge’s abutments.  When the abutments gave way the bridge gracefully released from the banks and set sail down the river. Unable to make the turn in the river the bridge collapsed in a pile on the shore about a half mile down stream.

The Town of Rockingham committed to rebuilding the bridge as a covered bridge and work began in September 2012 by Cold River Bridges from nearby Walpole, NH.

The day finally arrived.

On January 26, 2013 we held the grand opening of the new Bartonsville Covered Bridge.  We could not have done this without the financial contributions and support from the taxpayers of the Town of Rockingham, donors from near and far including those that donated to the Vermont Preservation Trust, VLTC Insurance, FEMA, and the State of Vermont.

This website will be a hub for information about the history  of the original 1870 bridge and the building of our new covered bridge.


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